Prices / practical information

Price per night single room ( 1 person)

Roadside 475 dkk 64 euro

Away from the road 500,- dkk 68 euros


Price per night double room ( 2 people)

Roadside 650,- dkk 88 euro

Away from the road 675,- dkk 91 euro


Price per night in the apartment ( up to 4 people)

1200,- dkr 160 euro

Loan of common room / kitchen

Contact us to hear and make an appointment.

Breakfast can be purchased in connection with payment

Breakfast costs DKK 75,-  per person
Breakfast is in the fridge on arrival, and contains 3 kinds of cheese, 2 kinds of cold cuts, a ham/vegetable muffin, a pancake, fruit, jam, honey, pickled almonds, pickled onions, fresh bell peppers, butter – bread and juice.


Payment must be made in advance, 2 days before arrival and you use the payment link sent with the confirmation.

Companies can be created and receive an invoice at the end of their stay, but only by telephone.