Room information

All rooms have a private entrance and parking is available in front of each room.
The rooms include a hallway with a wardrobe, a bathroom and a bedroom/living room.

All rooms are equipped with a television that can be connected to a Chrome cast, a dining table, 2 good chairs, a bed and a kitchen table with electric kettle, toaster and crockery for free use.
Coffee and tea are provided, so you can make a cup of coffee/tea in room J.

There are clean sheets on the beds, 1 large and 1 small towel per guest and everything is washed at a professional laundry.
During a longer stay, duvets will be changed daily, airing will be done, the rubbish bin emptied, coffee/tea refilled and towels changed if necessary and used crockery changed/washing up.


We pay close attention to our cleaning and therefore have fixed procedures and checklists. If you as a guest notice anything out of order, please let us know immediately.
All rooms are given a thorough cleaning, after each completed visit and handles and surfaces are also stripped, as a finishing touch.

Our bathrooms are older but fully functional and we regularly use a steam cleaner because old tiles simply need extra care to appear clean.
We have a permanent member of staff who does the cleaning and she is very experienced, so this way we know that the standard of cleaning is always the same. However, we are all just people and should anything have slipped, we want to know.