General information about staying at Motel Viborg:

Check in:

Check-in is every day of the week from 14:00

Check out:

Weekdays check out is at 10
Weekends and holidays check out is at 11.
When you arrive, you will have received information by email about the room number and how to check in. This means that you do not have to check in before a certain time.


Smoking is prohibited in all rooms, and unfortunately it is not enough to stand in the doorway - on the other hand, there are ashtrays along all rooms on the ground, we appreciate them being used J.
We charge 1000,- in compensation if there is smoking in the room.
We appeal to people to be considerate of other guests and avoid noise and loud behaviour.
If you damage something, please contact us and we will sort it out.
There is no room for pets at Motel Viborg. We have had some unfortunate experiences over the years, so unfortunately it is the few who ruin it for everyone else, so in the future we say no to requests to bring pets.
Motel Viborg does not want to put either buildings, reputation or name to someone who wants to use the Motel to run illegal business. All illegal behaviour will be reported to the police.

Garden and outdoor life:

There is a small garden table and 2 chairs in front of each room and in addition we have a patio which we prepare every spring with flowers, garden furniture and cushions and we are happy when our guests can enjoy it.
Autumn 2022 we are replanting our green areas. Where we used to have horses to walk, will now be open nature area, with a path going out to sdr. rind road, so it will be possible to cycle to and from Motel Viborg in the future. It also means that you can now trot for a walk in the countryside, or enjoy your coffee in the "park".